More people joining Labour each week than leaving

The mainstream media are reporting today that The Labour Parties membership has plunged by 150,000 amid backlash over ‘Corbyn’s handling of Brexit’ – however this has been disputed by the General Secretary of The Labour Party who today tweeted that this was a total fabrication, and confirmed that more people are joining the party each week than are leaving in a tweet;

Jennie also took the time to thank the membership for making history, by donating more to the party in a 24 hour period last week than at any other time in history outside of election time.

3 thoughts on “More people joining Labour each week than leaving

  1. So pleased to hear it. Jeremy is doing the right thing. I voted remain. I believe the deal we have now (members of the EU) is the best but I do not want a referendum. It would deepen division in the country and would be seen as undermining democracy. Besides, the leave vote would win again. My preference is a general election to sort out the real problems this country faces. The referendum was brought about by a man whose main aim was to clear the differences over the EU in his party. Everything May has done is about the same, ie, keeping her party together at the expense of the country.

  2. I agree to a point but feel doubtful about the possibility of a general election as the government will use every means to stop that happening
    I think if an election can’t be forthcoming the only way forward would to honour the Labour parties promise of a people’s vote

  3. I want to Remain. As the vote was taken with much misinformation, and as no deal has been accepted by parliament and no general election acheived and as the majority was not great, I believe there are good grounds to have a new referendum. This could be preceded by a one day conference of Labour members to vote on the policy and set the questions that should be on the ballot. Remaining must be an option.

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