Police commissioner confirms no investigation into The Labour Party

Whilst you may have seen in the mainstream media that an investigation into The Labour Party due to anti-Semitic hate crimes is underway, the Metropolitan Police Service commissioner Cressida Dick confirmed that no investigation into the party was actually taking place whilst talking to Radio 4’s Today on the 2nd of November.

The Commissioner was handed a ‘dossier’ by radio station LBC after an interview with the station some weeks ago, which was said to contain forty-five examples of online hate-speech, allegedly by Labour members. Of these, only a subset have been found worthy of further investigation – and the Met is not confirming that these involve Labour members. You can read more and watch the interview on The Skwawkbox, who spoke to a Met spokesperson.

Of course, if Labour Party members are found to be anti-Semitic then we fully support legal proceedings against them, as we would with all forms of racism. However, there has been a very small amount of cases in compared to The Labour Party’s membership base of over half a million members and we want to make clear, as the Met commissioner has, that the party itself is not being investigated.

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      1. Sarcasm indeed. At present the media print what they like unchecked by anyone. Maybe if they had to offer proof their writing would change for the better.

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