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I stood up for the Party, when will the Party stand up for me?

“I stood up for the Party, when will the Party stand up for me?”.

These are the words of a young mum, attacked for simply associating with Labour. At a time where the party is desperately trying to redress the gender imbalance within politics, it is then even more shocking that the local Labour Party have failed to assist a female member in what is perhaps the most terrifying of experiences. Not only have they failed to support their member, who helps represent young labour for her area, but they have made the situation worse.

Hoping to stand for council next year, instead of supported, Jade found herself abandoned and frightened, fearful even of returning home as those who attacked her threatened to torch it. She is living in emergency housing with her young daughter (aged 3); whilst the police who are absurdly understaffed thanks to Tory austerity, try to look into things. The thugs who attacked her saying she was a “posh c**t” and into politics, are still at large and have only just been interviewed, 2 weeks after the attack. Apart from confirming the interviews have occurred, police are unable to inform Jade of any other progress on the case.

With hate crimes on the rise, and the mainstream media espousing right wing hate against anyone that’s different, this sort of behaviour should come as no surprise. Indeed, the Inspectorate of Constabulary found that in 180 hate crime cases they looked at, 89 of them had been inadequately responded to. So who should Jade turn to? Her local CLP named her carelessly on their page, without any consultation further endangering her and her family. When asked about the support she is receiving Jade said that she is yet to receive even a phone call.

Jade has stood for those who are vulnerable in her area, wanting to help others through campaigning and activism. When she is the vulnerable one, the party have been found wanting. Councillors in the area have been implying that they are assisting in sorting the situation but the reality is far from it. She is feeling scapegoated and tied by red tape, unable to respond whilst the investigation is ongoing as she must stick to procedures.

Jade is concerned that her name is being used as gossip and has been even accused of being “hysterical” by other Wakefield members. Once fellow comrades, Jade says “I have quickly lost respect for those I once admired”. It begs the question, what can be done? In Tory Britain a young mum, university student and devoted Labour activist, can be attacked with no recourse. Whilst Jade’s life is on hold, and she is fearful of venturing outside, those who perpetrated the attack go uninhibited whilst the investigation is “on-going”. This is the truth of Tory Britain, where hate is allowed to grow unhindered and those who are victims remain unsupported.

Wakefield’s Labour MP, Mary Creagh, says that she is working with Jade to ensure that she gets the support she needs. However, Brook House Working Men’s Club, where the attack occurred, have yet to comment.


3 thoughts on “I stood up for the Party, when will the Party stand up for me?

  1. All our love and support for Jade
    And as for the monster bullies that did this to this defencless woman FIND THEM! AND SEVERELY PUNISH THEM and if they are in social housing remove their tenancy and let them suffer! the policies of the Tory party which they support.

  2. This is a dreadful story. It’s also just the sort of thing that enemies of the Labour Party pray and prey for. Sort your shit out WAKEFIELD CLP sort it now!

  3. It’s very shocking that this happened to Jade, and it’s equally shocking how quickly she chose to go on a self-publicising blame game campaign. She has been offered every mode of help it’s in Wakefield CLP’s gift to offer and has been given ample opportunity and requests to define the help she needs, which opportunity she’s simply not responded too so far; she’s instead chosen to fling unsubstantiated allegation at many of those that would otherwise be there to help her. Notwithstanding that the physical assault on Jade has been entirely shocking, when she starts to help herself, further help will surely follow.

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