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The EU is under attack from American oligarchs

Tom Watson wants to investigate the Russian bots role in the Brexit referendum. That investigation, like Mueller’s will lead to Washington not Moscow.

Russian bots are a smokescreen. The big money and criminal activity that subverted the Brexit referendum came from the West not the East. It came from the American Republican Party or rather its principal funders Robert Mercer and Charles and David Koch.

Their principal agents were, in America, Steve Bannon, and in the UK, Arron Banks. Russian bots were used but they were commissioned by the same people who mined the data of tens of millions of voters, Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica is part owned by Robert Mercer, a billionaire hedge fund manager who gives millions to the Republican Party and was a key supporter of Donald Trump whose campaign also used Cambridge Analytica.

Mercer also part owns Aggregate IQ, a Canadian company deeply involved in data mining for the Vote Leave campaign. He owns Breitbart whose CEO is Steve Bannon. Bannon is on a mission to spread ‘economic nationalism’ (read fascism) across Europe and works with many far right organisations.

Mercer is a friend of Nigel Farage and offered the Leave Campaign the services of Cambridge Analytica though this donation in kind is not included in Vote Leave’s election returns. This is one of the reasons Vote Leave is being investigated by the Electoral Commission.

Matthew Elliott was the CEO of Vote Leave. He is a partner in Awareness Analytics Partners (A2P), another analytics company principally funded by the Koch Brothers and republican billionaire DeVos. The DeVos family funded a ‘votespotter’ app for A2P.

Elliot is also a co-founder of the Taxpayers Alliance which, posing as a British pressure group for taxpayers, is in fact another front organisation for the neo liberal American Tea Party extending its influence into Europe.

Elliot is a key link to Russia through Sergey Nalobin was the first secretary in the Russian embassy’s political section in London.

Arron Banks, the principal funder of UKIP and the largest political donor in British history started off as a door to door vacuum cleaner salesperson. His rise to being an insurance underwriter was meteoric but nearly crashed and burned in 2013 when regulators in Gibraltar noticed he was seriously short of money to meet his obligations. He was barred from running an insurance business. Banks claims to be worth over 100 million and possibly more than 200 million though his companies appear to be broke. So it is reasonable to ask where his money comes from. He appears to specialise in failed and failing businesses in tax havens. His recent purchase of diamond mines in Losotho looks like another turkey as the mines have already been worked to exhaustion and the diamond market is sinking. Much more detail here:…/how-did-arron-banks…

And then there is the Russians again and Banks many meetings with the aforementioned Sergey Nalobin and links to Robert Mercer.

So why?

Brexit is an attack on the EU by the neo liberal right of the Republican Party led by the oil and chemicals barons, the Koch Brothers and the hedge fund manager Robert Mercer. People who think of the EU as neo liberal are missing the point. The EU is a highly regulated trading confederation of nation states. It increasing financial regulations and its environmental frameworks are anathema to American companies which enjoy the privilege of pouring waste into rivers. The EU is becoming a more difficult place for these people to do business.

Neo liberalism is counter regulation. It wants to eliminate constraints on business and taxation to fund public services. As an oil and gas rich economy Russia has much common interest in undermining a large regulated trading block like the EU on its doorstep.

The EU’s response to Brexit should be informed by an awareness that it is under attack.

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