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LFI chair Joan Ryan facing a no confidence vote tonight

Labour MP Joan Ryan who chairs Labour Friends of Israel is facing a vote of no confidence tonight as party members in her constituency accuse her of stoking a backlash against Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism.

Joan Ryan, the MP for Enfield North who regained the marginal seat in 2015, will face a motion tonight accusing her of “smearing” Corbyn and of “fuelling and indeed inflaming” the leader’s “trial by media”.

This week she wrote to local party members saying: “I joined this party 34 years ago to fight racism. Anti-Semitism is racism. Nothing will stop me standing up and speaking out. It is my duty to do so.”

There were 300 Labour members in Enfield North before Corbyn became leader but there are now more than 1,000. Attempts were made to shelve the meeting but it has been confirmed by local residents that it is still going ahead.

6 thoughts on “LFI chair Joan Ryan facing a no confidence vote tonight

  1. I think under the current climate it’s
    Understandable why this motion of no
    Confidence should be carried out.
    Jeremy Corbyn is the elected leader of
    The labour party and deserves the respect
    Of that position.
    We do not and should not have to put up with these unfounded smears,using them for political gain from outside sources.
    We need to fight back and show resilience
    And one can only hope that mandatory reselecton is accepted by the NEC this month.

  2. If you want to fight racism you don’t go around smearing the leader of the Labour Party Ms Ryan because as everyone knows, except of course those who have a hidden agenda, that Jeremy Corbyn is not a racist and never has been. Am sure that the good people of Enfield North know this and will vote with great care and attention to the facts.

  3. If Jeremy is to be called to account for his actions, then so should MP who have colluded in this exercise in public vilification of the legitimately elected leader of the largest party in U.K. .

  4. All these old MPs are from the Blair (middle of the road) Tory party. People are fed up of MPs just in it for themselves, Corbyn isn’t like that he’s in it for the many not the few.

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