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Hundreds of people are joining The Labour Party after attacks on Corbyn

Anyone browsing through social media, and especially Twitter, will see hundreds of people joining The Labour Party in the fight back against the constant smears in the right-wing press about Jeremy Corbyn. They have been relentless the past couple of weeks between potentially laying a wreath and apparently standing near the graves of terrorists who were in fact buried in another country, its safe to say Jeremy has been through a rough time.

Don’t let that kid you though, it isn’t over. The establishment are running scared at the thought of a Corbyn Government and actually having to pay some tax, or having private healthcare finally removed from our NHS. The only effective way to counter these is exactly what is happening, join The Labour Party and stand up for the man who wants social equality for all.

Join The Labour Party here:

3 thoughts on “Hundreds of people are joining The Labour Party after attacks on Corbyn

  1. Corbyn wiĺl need much support to get rid of the Blairite and red tories. Shows theyre mindset as they’re all running scared that theyll be discovered as having the same mindsets as the May Government. ie grovelling , weak, corrupt and two-faced. All comments welcomed

  2. JC hasn’t only brought back what Labour Party stand up, but he has made lots of people join our party or return back to our party.

    JC is standing up for justice and fairness against racism, injustice and inequalities.

    JC is the champ of peace, justice and human rights to the core.

    He will be PM and our masses will make it happen.

  3. Thank you ‘the left bible’ for confirming what many Labour Party member are thinking and speaking about between themselves, for fear af being call anti Semitic. It is clear to us all that opportunism motives these vicious smears. Keep the Faith in JC

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