Propaganda Alert: No, the left do not want paedophilia legalised

Thanks to far-right trolls and internet conspiracists baseless accusations of LGBTQ+ activists supporting the acceptance of paedophilia as a sexual orientation have resurfaced. Before anything else, lets just clarify that this is a LIE and is not being pushed for. In fact, The Left Bible would actively campaign against it if it were true, which it isn’t.

The latest push of this lie os from actor and prominent conservative James Woods, who frequently uses his Twitter account to spread lies to suit his own political opinions. On July 31st, he tweeted an image which said ‘paedophilia are people too’ as seen below:

This is a lie spread regularly by the right-wing to drive hatred towards the already vulnerable LGBTQ+ community, taking advantage of people’s emotions and using them as a tool for hatred.

“Paedophilia makes people angry, and anger is an emotion that drives action,” Joseph Uscinski, a political science professor at the University of Miami who studies conspiracy theories, told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview. “That action could include either sharing the story on social media or going out and chasing the paedophiles with weapons. Or something in between.”

Uscinski said accusing opponents of hurting children has a long history and has led to many innocent people’s lives being ruined, so it becomes particularly problematic when vulnerable communities are targeted.

“We want to be very careful, because the conspiracy theory points out innocent and unprotected people as villains,” Uscinski said. “That’s when you can run into danger. If you have a conspiracy theory about immigrants or refugees or racial minorities or LGBTQ people or just regular people who don’t have the benefit of secret service protection, these are people who are vulnerable to attack and sometimes conspiracy theorists will want to fight fire with fire.”

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